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It's been a groundbreaking first term. I championed universal prek & afterschool programs, spearheaded our city's efforts in combating climate change - making significant strides towards becoming a net-zero city, and prioritized bike & pedestrian safety. As one of the only renters in City Hall, I led on housing issues from production to protection. I proudly wrote much of this internationally recognized legislation.

- Burhan Azeem

Here's why you should vote Burhan #1

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Growing up, I shared a three-bedroom house with eleven people. I understand housing instability. I've been racially profiled by police but, as an ambulance worker, I've also worked hand-in-hand with them. I've seen both sides of the issue, and want to help transform public safety. I believe we need an unarmed alternative response to non-violent situations. 


I’m committed to Cambridge and advocating for all our residents — ensuring no one is left behind.  

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