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I was born in Multan, Pakistan. When I was four years old, my family and I won a visa lottery to the US. In a one-in-ten-thousand chance, my life was changed completely.  


We came here wide-eyed and ready to take on the world, but the reality was not so kind. We started afresh, with nothing. Family friends took us in and allowed us to live with them. Their apartment was a tiny three bedroom with eleven people, but it was the first home I can remember. There was always laughter and joy. We took care of each other, and at times, we also hid together; we were always afraid of being caught and kicked out by the landlord because our stay was not legal.


After my parents found stable work at a deli and Dunkin' Donuts, we moved out. We found a small place of our own, but we didn't stay there long; we moved a lot until we finally found our footing. I then was the recipient of a second miracle: I was admitted to MIT on a full scholarship. Though I was embarrassed that I needed the money, I knew it was the only way my parents could ever afford my education. 

It is due to pure luck and generosity that I am here, and I will never forget that. And I have worked to give back to my community in every way I can. I have run blood drives, volunteered at MCI Norfolk, advocated for housing, and worked as an EMT. I take sustainability to heart -- I have built solar panels and batteries, studied the cause of our climate crisis, and become a biker and a pescatarian. I now work at a startup called daytoday to provide healthcare access to people in South Asia. 

Growing up, I shared a three-bedroom apartment with eleven people. I understand housing instability. I’ve studied sustainability firsthand and seen the irreversible climate damage we’ll cause. I know the tough challenges we face, but we are Cambridge. We are the most progressive, prosperous, scientific, and resourceful community in the Commonwealth. We can tackle these issues. Progress can and should start with us. And if we are to succeed, we will need to be bold.

After all, If we don’t lead - who will?

Progress can and should start with us. 

After all, If we don’t lead - who will?


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