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 • Sidewalk Bike Paths & Bus Lanes​  • Completing Our Bike Network • Emergency Preparation for the T  •

 •  100% Affordable Housing Overlay  •  More Green Housing Everywhere  •  

 • More Protective Gear for First Responders  • Safe Injection Sites • 

 • Legal Counsel for Tenants  •  Universal Day Care  •  Municipal Broadband  •  

Growing up, Burhan shared a three-bedroom house with eleven people. He understands housing instability. He has studied sustainability firsthand and seen the irreversible climate damage we’ll cause. We face tough challenges. We need bold action.


We are building comprehensive plans to tackle the biggest issues in the city.

Read our first - on the climate crisis - below.  

After all, if we don’t lead, who will?


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Bold, transformative actions against the crisis of our time.


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Policies which fight rising housing costs, protect our most vulnerable and benefit us all.


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Investing in better infrastructure for pedestrians, bikers, transit riders, and drivers.

Progress can and should start with us. 

After all, If we don’t lead - who will?


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